GOALS & OBJECTIVES FOR ADVENTIST YOUTH MINISTRY/SOCIETY (Teens & Youth/13 years old – 17 years old)

1. To have an active Adventist Youth Ministries in each local Church of the Atlantic Union, (whether it be an Adventist Youth Society, a Teens Small Group, a Young Adult Small Group, or any other creative ministry for youth and by youth) A total of 535 Adventist Youth Societies or its Equivalent across the Atlantic Union.

2. To provide training and resources to help make each church in the Atlantic Union a “Youth Friendly Church” where youth are welcomed and involved.

3. Encourage each church in the Atlantic Union to start a Small Group for Youth (13-17)

4. To make Service/Mission/Outreach a vital component of any ministry that is related to Adventist Youth. Ministry only within the walls of the church will result in isolation, irrelevance, and sure extinction.

5. To present a new curriculum for Adventist Youth Leadership (Senior Youth/equivalent to Master Guide but with the focus on Youth and Young Adults who are not into Pathfinders, Adventurers, and Master Guides)

6. To celebrate an Atlantic Union Youth & Young Adult Week of Youth Evangelism, where young people preach, every year.

7. To have an annual Atlantic Union Youth Baptism Day. On that day youth would be baptized all over the Atlantic Union.

8. To work together with the Education Department of the Atlantic Union and our Conferences to develop a curriculum, plan, and present an annual Academy Service & Leadership Conference for Adventist Academy students and public High School students.

9. Take a large delegation of youth and young adults to receive inspiration and equipping at Just Claim It 3, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

10. Encourage a large participation from the Atlantic Union in the World Youth Congress in South Africa, 2013.

11. To have an Atlantic Union Adventist Youth Evangelism & Leadership Congress in 2015 with the participation of all the Conferences in our Union.