Growing with Jesus
Provided by Lisa von Bratt of North NSW Conference – April 2004
This theme was chosen to complement the curriculum and in particular the Pledge and >Law.
Introductory Lesson
To introduce the theme brainstorm with Children by asking, “What does ‘Growing with Jesus’ mean?”
Record responses where all can see. Two possible strains may eventuate. Some children may suggest they are growing up with Jesus in their heart or by their side. Others may suggest they are growing more like Jesus as they grow up or everyday. Ask in what ways do we grow more like Jesus – for example, loving, kind, caring, honest, obedient. These are covered quite well in the Adventurer Law. Some children may make the connection to the law – follow it through if they do. Before the brainstorming peters out ask “What can we do to make sure we grow with Jesus? (praying to Him, learning more about Him, reading Bible, studying the lesson, family worship, wanting to change into a better person, etc). Keep the discussion moving. Ask leading questions rather than supplying information. Try to draw all children into the discussion.
At the conclusion of the discussion ask “Who wants to grow with Jesus and grow more like Him?”
Children could put their hands up or stand up. Write the words in big letters on a piece of paper “I want to grow with Jesus and grow more like Him.” Invite children to come up the front and write their names on the poster if they want to do this. Keep the poster in a place where all con see for at least a few meetings.Prayer
This is a great time to have a prayer of commitment. You could say a short commitment prayer and then incorporate children praying too. For children just learning to pray this could involve getting them to repeat simple sentences after you. Children used to praying could all pray together at the some time out loud like they do in Korea or each child could have a turn at praying. Alternatively all children could sing ‘Into my Heart” together.

“Read Your Bible, Pray Everyday” is a fun song that children love and reinforces what the children are learning.

We potted flower seedlings and cut a yellow heart and a slightly smaller red heart with “Growing for Jesus” written on it. These two hearts were glued together and then glued to a straw, which was added to the potted plant. Stickers can be used to decorate the pot.

Follow up
At the next meeting quickly revise the above. Then give out certificate/commitment sheets for each student to sign. These can be kept in their folders or taken home.
Attached you will find a commitment sheet for each Adventurer to sign as well as a sample of an attendance sheet.

Program Outline – GrowingwithJesus