Our Five Senses

This is a six week worship series with activities, and was provided by Linda Bateman of North NSW Conference.

Week One 


Use the work sheet with the title “My Self” (which is similar to the idea of the first requirement in the My Self section of the Sunbeam class) as an introduction to the series. This worksheet can be filled out by each child. You will need several tape measures, at least one for each four children, better still one between two. They will need to assist one another with the measuring.

You can then tell them that in future weeks you will be discussing their five senses, which though they do not show on the picture are also a part of each of them. Let the children tell you what these senses are. Maybe you could ask them which is the most important, which they would happily give up. Discuss this.


Draw a picture of your body and label all its parts.

Elbow Knee

Body Head

Hand Mouth

Foot Hair

Eyes Hand

Ears Nose

My body measurements are:

Waist to knee Height

Across shoulders Neck

Elbow to wrist Head


Week Two – Sight 


Tell story about Bartimaeus B Mark 10



Talk about eyes and how they work. What keep our eyes healthy? How do our eyes help us?



Ask children to look at each other’s eyes and find out what colour they are. Have them draw a picture of their eyes.

Play eye spy (outside if possible)

Blow bubbles outside and look for all the colours of the rainbow.


Week Three – Hearing 


Tell story about Samuel and Eli B 1 Samuel 1-3



Talk about how we hear. How our ear works. How do our ears help us?



Find pictures of different kinds of ears. (person, elephant, rabbit, mouse etc.) Play some different sounds from a tape and let the children guess what they are.


Week Four – Touch 


Tell story about Adam and Eve B Genesis 3



Talk about our hands and fingers. How do they help us?



Make a hand print.

Blindfold children and let them feel different objects and guess what they are. (shell, leaves, rock, toy car etc.)


Week Five – Taste 


Tell story about the Great Feast B Luke 14



Talk about how we use our mouth and our taste buds. How many taste buds do we have on our tongue?



Let children taste different kinds of foods. (check with parents before doing this to make sure none have an allergy to the kind you bring)

Find pictures of different kinds of mouths. (person, hippo, crocodile, dog etc.)

Find pictures of food that’s nice to eat.


Week Six Smell 


Tell story about Jacob and Esau B Genesis 25



Talk about our nose. How does it help us? Where is a snakes nose?



Let children smell different kinds of things. (honey, flower, vegemite, vicks etc.)

Make a list of things they like to smell and things they don’t like to smell.

Find pictures of different kinds of noses. (person, elephant, frog, cow etc.)