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[toggle title=”Alberta, Canada”]
Canadian University College – http://www.cauc.ca/

[toggle title=”Alabama”]
Oakwood University – http://www.oakwood.edu/

[toggle title=”California”]
La Sierra University – http://www.lasierra.edu/

Loma Linda University – http://www.llu.edu/

Pacific Union College – http://www.puc.edu/


[toggle title=”Florida”]
Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences – https://www.ahu.edu/

[toggle title=”Maryland”]
Washington Adventist University – http://www.wau.edu/

[toggle title=”Michigan”]
Andrews University – http://www.andrews.edu/

Griggs University – http://www.griggs.edu/

[toggle title=”Nebraska”]
Union College – http://www.ucollege.edu/

[toggle title=”Ohio”]
Kettering College – http://www.kc.edu/

[toggle title=”Tennessee”]
Southern Adventist University – https://www.southern.edu

[toggle title=”Texas”]
Southwestern Adventist University – http://www.swau.edu/

[toggle title=”Washington”]
Walla Walla University – http://www.wallawalla.edu/


For more information go to: http://www.adventistcolleges.org/