Cafe Style

the use of the fellowship hall, gymnasium, community service center, or any other location which can be set up as a Cafe, with tables, chairs around the tables, appropriate lighting, a few couches, creating a more personal environment is recommended for this Week of Youth Evangelism. This will create an appropriate setting which youth and young adults will appreciate during this special week, though God is able to work anywhere, this type of atmosphere can at times be less threatening to people who have been away from church.

Small Group (Living Room/Family Room/Dining Room)

Small groups are excellent and very effective for reaching out to and retaining youth & young adults. This setting comes in very handy in cases where a church building is not available or the church is not able to hold the Week of Evangelism. You can always hold the Week of Youth Evangelism in a Small Group at a home.

Church Sanctuary

the more traditional setting of a church sanctuary has been used for years and has worked in many cases. A contemporary decoration (which may include lighting, video screens, a backdrop, among other items) may help to create a XXI century atmosphere, which would be attractive to the youth and young adults.

*The Holy Spirit can work anywhere, and under any circumstances in any setting. Creating a proper atmosphere will youth and young adults to fee special , it can also attract many and make them more receptive to the message and conversations you would like to share with them. It is OK to be creative, as when choosing a location or setting for the Week of Youth & Young Adult Evangelism.