Tips for a Great Evangelism Program

  1. Plan to start at a realistic time
  2. Have videos, countdowns, music playing 15 minutes before starting time
  3. Make sure there are some very happy youth & young adults welcoming people at the door
  4. Start on time
  5. Meet with Team 30 minutes before program starts to ask the Holy Spirit for His presence and power through the night.
  6. Great singing, praise and worship is a big thing for youth and young adults (singing is more important than special music because while singing mostly everyone is involved, special music is appropriate but does not involve most people)
  7. Include as many instrument as possible, it is Biblical (make sure they practice before the program and that they are on point).
  8. Ice breakers and gifts help to create a friendly atmosphere
  9. Encourage people to sing, pray, clap, say amen as the program progresses, it is Biblical.
  10. Open the mic for 5 minutes and let people come up and give a brief testimony, while there is a countdown on the screen (this reminds people they have a brief moment for their testimony)
  11.  Take time for Prayer (time for individual prayer, reflection, and group prayer is always good, prayer must focus on the needs of the people attending)
  12.  Request help from your Pastor and other speakers in your church in coaching the youth & young adult speakers for the week.
  13.  Leave 15-20 minutes after the sermon for the Small Groups to have a conversation about what was said by the speaker (if you are using the Cafe Setting, the discussion would happen by tables)
  14.  Provide 3 or 4 questions for each group to discuss after the sermon/talk
  15.  If possible keep a table with refreshments, snacks, and warm drinks for Cafe Setting (in a church sanctuary setting, you can offer the refreshments and snacks, at the end of the service).


Videos, Music, Countdown 15 Minutes before Starting Time
Icebreaker & Gifts 10 Minutes
Praise & Worship  15 Minutes
Open Mic Testimonies   5 Minutes (Put a Countdown on the Screen)
Session of Prayer 10 Minutes (Different Types of Prayer: Individual, Groups)
Worship Songs 5 Minutes (Theme Song)
Sermon/Talk 20-25 Minutes
Small Group Discussion 15 Minutes (in tables/small groups)
Praise Song & Prayer of Blessing 5 Minutes
*This is a suggested program, feel free to work with your team and be creative. Try to not prolong the program (especially during week nights), try not to go longer than 90 minutes. If time is an issue, feel free to adjust the time, according to the needs of your group, church, and guests.