Tips for an Effective Adventist Youth Society (more tips will be added regularly)

  1. Adventist Youth Ministries is a movement, not a program (it is not just another worship service)
  2. The purpose of the Adventist Youth Society is to strengthen the existing youth in the church by empowering them to serve and work in the salvation of others (Salvation and Service)
  3. The purpose must never be forgotten.
  4. The Adventist Youth Society meetings do not have to be held inside the four walls of the church regularly.
  5. It is OK to be creative in looking for an appropriate atmosphere and place, where the ministry can develop and grow
  6. The Small Group setting can be a great substitute in places where the traditional setting has not worked.
  7. Community outreach, outdoor projects, missing youth and young adult visitation, toy drives in combination with the local Post Office or Community Services, Christmas caroling in the neighborhood, prayer walking, food baskets distribution, visits to pray for the local Police Precinct, Fire Department, or neighborhood businesses can be incorporated as part of the Adventist Youth Society.
  8. Equipping sessions to better prepare youth and young adults for mission and service must be a key part of the Adventist Youth Society.
  9. Adventist Youth Society must be youth-led, as much as possible.
  10. The Elder, Sponsor, or Advisor chosen by the local church to work with the Adventist Youth Society must be young adults or very youth-oriented/youth-friendly adults who will not patronize and kill the good spirit.

Feel free to send us your suggestions or tips that have proven to work in your Adventist Youth Society to, we will be more than happy to receive them. Some will be included here.