Adventist Youth Ministries Leadership Congress – Seminar Handouts

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Art Blinci

The 4 P’s of Child Abuse Prevention

Esther Cross

Which Style are You? Discovering Your Communication Style

Passive, Aggressive and Assertive Communication Conflict Resolution Study Guide

Win-Win Conflict Resolution Worksheet

 Priscilla Flores

A Rule by Which Lawful Pleasures May Be Recognized-Ellen G. White

Avoiding Display and the Sensational- Entertainment. Ellen G. White


The World is a Stage- Ellen G. White

Theatre Production Roles- The Risen


Truth Teaching Devises-Ellen G. White

Lisa Gary

Family Network Program

Raewyn Hankins

How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It – Preaching

How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It – Teens

John Jean-Baptiste

Drilling & Marching Handouts

Ron Pickell

Staying Christian in College

Sustaining Campus Ministries

Lavina Seawright

Young Adult Life Local Church Grant Application

Sharing your faith on the job

Arthur Usher

Sermon Preparation as a Voyage

A List of Sixty-four Sermon Themes

Camping Skills

Backpacking – Adjusting the Fit

Backpacking – Before You Leave Home

Backpacking – How to Choose a Backpack – Expert Advice

Backpacking – How to Choose a Stove

Backpacking – How to Choose Tents

Backpacking – How to Hoist a Loaded Pack

Backpacking – What to Bring

Backpacking with Kids


Camping Checklist by Cindy Schlager

Canoe – Advanced Honor


Canoe – Day Tour Checklist

Cross-Country Skiing – Outdoor Gear


Food Menu Ideas

Layering Basics

Sleeping Bags – How to Choose for Camping

Sleeping Pads


The Ten Essentials

Wildlife Encounters

Winter Camping  – Backpacking Tips

Winter Camping – Snow Camping 

Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips


The Adventurer/Pathfinder Connection & History and Purpose

TLT Program

Teaching the Pathfinder Curriculum